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This company established for presentation and products generation with high quality at Bandar Abbas in 1999 and began activity with generation power of 40000 fish tuna cans for one work shift and received the first of standard certification for 200 gr can in Iran according to complete and continuously researches of management and quality control part and guidances of standard institution experts .

This company erected all of the equipment and machinary for development policy and production capacity increase and cost decrease at Tehran in 2001 and now is producting about of 100000 cans for fish tuna in one work shift .

This company has succeeded to obtain great presence and presentation in market with production to extent of international standards .

Factorie's laboratory has laboratorial equipment and this company has succeeded to obtain standard certification for 200 gr can from Standard Institution of Tehran .

Totally according to development and research of quality control expert and technical specialist and worker skilled and instruction during work and control system on healthy raw materials receiving and control of generation critical points; this company has obtained continuously improvment of quality and decrease of generation error.      

Tangeh Noor's Business Principles


1- Tangeh Noor shall achieve strenght and prosperity by placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business .

2- Tangeh Noor shall manage its activities foresight and flexibility in order to cope effectively with the changing items .


Activity Guidelines


1- To act with honesty and sincerity and keeping with the management principles .

2- To comply with laws and regulations .

3- To set clear objectives and acheive them with enthusiasm . 

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No3 , Arghavan Dasht street , infront of Vahidieh Oil Station , Shahriar , Iran .

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General Information: info@tangehnoor.com
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Webmaster: rezaiepour@tangehnoor.com


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